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Logicbroker's omnisearch capabilities allow you to instantly search and find orders and other documents. Located in the top right corner of the page, our robust search tool allows you to find documents using various pieces of information such as last name, SKU, address, product description, document status, tracking number, date, partner and more.



Stack - Stack up multiple search terms together to pull up exactly what you are looking for. For exampleyou can type in ‘failed shipment, 1 enterprise drive, demo supplier’


Wildcard - Add an asterisk to the search term as a wildcard/place holder to broaden the search. For example, if the POs for a specific partner begin with AB, you can search ‘AB*’ and all orders with that prefix will populate.


Multi-Doc Search - Add '|' between searches to pull up multiple searched. For example, if you want to pull up the following orders: PO123, PO456, PO789 on the orders page so you can download packing slips for all these together, search 'PO123 | PO456 | PO789' and all orders within the list will populate.


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