API Authentication

For setting up an API integration with our Rest API, please follow our developer documentation for the Retailer Order Lifecycle. There is detailed developer documentation available at https://dev.logicbroker.com 

The Logicbroker API URL for the Stage environment is https://stage.commerceapi.io
The Logicbroker API URL for the Production environment is https://commerceapi.io

If you are using a custom API requests and responses, you will need to provide those details either by submitting a ticket or emailing support@logicbroker.com.

1.   To setup an API key either log into the Logicbroker Stage or Production Portal depending on which environment you need.

Stage Portal: https://stageportal.logicbroker.com/profile/api-authentication 

Production Portal: https://portal.logicbroker.com/profile/api-authentication/

2.   Go to Settings -> API Authentication


3.   Click on Create Primary Key and Confirm.

NOTE: If there is already a key generated, you should validate with all parties at your organization before generating a new key. It could break an existing integration. 



The Primary Key is generally for your internal use whereas the secondary key can be shared with your 3rd party development or external resources. Every request must have the API key as a URL query parameter (subscription-key).


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