Release Notes Through 8/30/22

Portal Updates:

  • Select the data range on Scorecards from a list of presets or customize the range 
  • Ability to navigate to Learn Logicbroker from the environment selection page

  • Option to precheck inventory before posting an order
  • API: Advanced import size updated to 1000 documents per file 
  • EDI 860: Allow acknowledgments without items
  • Prevent over-invoicing outside of the Portal/API
  • Help Center:
    • Support to navigate directly to the Logicbroker Help Center (previously the feature request button)
    • Icons to differentiate PDFs from Videos on Quickstart Guides
  • Product Feeds:
    • Updated product feed page to make feed specifications more prominent 
    • Added Supplier SKU and Merchant SKU Field types 


  • Advanced Import/Export:
    • Added a default profile to export returns from the search page
    • Ability to import CSV orders through the advanced import page is available for retailers only


  • Amazon Seller Central: Support for Selling Partner API 

  • BigCommerce: Only send non-zero values for price fields on inventory feeds
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