Product/Inventory FAQs

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions for product and inventory, please click on the headings below to be directed to the specific section. 


Product Feeds

Can you map to my taxonomy?

*Only applicable to retailers

Yes, using custom attributes.


Can you send the data directly to my PIM?

*Only applicable to retailers

No, you must extract the information out of Logicbroker’s Portal via API, CSV, or FTP and import it into your PIM.


Can I use my own categories?

Categories are established based on retailer requirements. These can be viewed in the Feed         Specification section on the Product Feeds Page.


Can I upload videos?

Yes, video links are supported in Product Feeds. These links should not be password protected.


Are there image/video size requirements?

No, there are no size requirements for media when uploading to Product Feeds.


Can I upload DOC's or certificates as a PDF?
Yes, PDF and DOC links are supported in Product Feeds.


Can I help my vendors onboard their feeds?

*Only applicable to retailers

Yes, you can download the CSV file and review errors to help troubleshoot.


Can I add subcategories?

Yes. To add a subcategory, add a column to the file and name it subcategory. You are then able to populate the information and upload the file.


Do I get notified when suppliers upload feeds?

Yes. There is a notification type retailers can subscribe to under Settings > Notifications called “Product Feeds Notification”.


Can I add additional attributes at a later date?

Yes, suppliers can always go back to add additional attributes and re-upload the files to strengthen their products.



Do I have to use the Logicbroker Inventory Template?

*Only applicable to suppliers manually uploading inventory to Logicbroker using Excel/CSV

Yes, this template is pre-mapped into our system and will ensure the quickest and most effective upload - using a different template will cause issues.


Why are leading zeroes being deleted from my feed?

*Only applicable to suppliers manually uploading inventory to Logicbroker using Excel/CSV

If you have item values with leading zeroes, Excel will automatically remove them. To fix this, you can either:

  1. change the column to Text format instead of General or Number Format 
  2. add an apostrophe to the begging of your input (ex. '00548663) - this will keep all your formatting in place



Why are my items showing up in scientific notation?

*Only applicable to suppliers manually uploading inventory to Logicbroker using Excel/CSV

SKUs and UPCs are often reverted to scientific notation due to their long number sequence. To fix this, you can change the column that shows up in scientific notation to a Text format instead of a General or Number format.


Do I need to have inventory in the portal before completing test cases?

*Only applicable to suppliers processing test cases in Logicbroker

Yes, all suppliers need to have inventory in the stage portal before moving on to test cases since test cases are generated using items from your inventory feed. 


I sent my 846 but it is not showing up in the stage portal?

*Only applicable to EDI suppliers

Make sure you are using the correct stage/test AS2 Identifier: STAGELOGICBROKERAS2, confirm you have our Connection Information set up correctly and that your EDI connection is working.


Why is there an error in my inventory upload?

If you upload your inventory and see the error: Inventory Import Error under the Events log, click on View to download a full report on why your inventory failed. Troubleshoot/adjust your feed from the feedback in this report and reupload/resend a new file. 


How do I know if my upload worked?

Once you upload your inventory as a Standard Feed, you should see it under Events. The Events log will show you the time stamp of your upload, the summary (should say: Inventory Imported) and the user (if it was a manual upload). To see a copy of the upload, click on View. If there were any errors in your upload, the Summary will say Inventory Import Error.


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