Release Notes Through 7/1/22

Portal Updates:

  • Shipments:
    • Edit shipment is only allowed if the shipment is failed and not in any other status.
    • Don't block partial shipments with cancelled quantity
  • Product
    • Added a new column type "Vendor Number" to the feed specification using the setting on the inventory feed page
    • Support for mapping rules on product feeds which apply to all feeds a retailer receives and runs after we add vendor number and map categories, before the items are validated.
    • Added method for extracting aspects/attributes for catalog mapping
    • Added method for finding or replacing attributes for catalog mapping
    • Ability for users to set up rules on catalog export templates and create new columns that will be exposed to the mappings.
    • Ability to import/export catalog export profiles
  • Notifications
    • Provide partner breakdown for new document notifications.
    • Added event name to the email footer where it used to say just "notification". This is to help users determine which setting controls the notification.
    • Support for filter rules on email notifications to allow or block events by event type, partner, email subject and email body.
  • Scorecards: Ability to exclude weekends from shipment time
  • Failed Documents: EDI error messages have been shortened so details are easier to read.
  • Acknowledgement Settings: Support for the ability to use business days


  • BigCommerce:
    • Inventory Updates: Map Retail Price to Price, MSRP to Retail Price
    • Support for manual cancellation verification
    • Support for product variants
    • Ability to add custom fields to product feeds
  • ShipBob:
    • Map invoice amount to handling amount for shipments
    • Trim leading zeros from line number in order map


  • Only check existing orders for duplicates when pulling from API.
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