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About this app

BigCommerce is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that takes care of the hosting, any software updates, and makes sure retailers' sites are PCI compliant. Logicbroker’s connection to BigCommerce provides retailers with an easy way to manage orders directly in BigCommerce with a direct connection to supplier partners. Get started today by requesting a quote. Get started today with a subscription or try it for free! BigCommerce Pricing



  • Send Orders
  • Receives Cancellations
  • Receives Shipments
  • Receives Inventory
  • Receives Product Feeds



BigCommerce Support:

How it works
Flow: Logicbroker > BigCommerce
Product updates in the Logicbroker system can be sent into BigCommerce from the Logicbroker portal.

Flow: Supplier > Logicbroker > BigCommecre
All items in Logicbroker will be pushed into BigCommerce as long as their BigCommerce product_ID’s match the Logicbroker Supplier SKU imported by supplier into Logicbroker. Feeds are pushed into BigCommerce on a schedule, normally once an hour.

Flow: BigCommerce > Logicbroker > Supplier
Orders placed on BigCommerce will be pulled into Logicbroker based on the status of Awaiting Fulfillment. Once pulled, we will update the status of the order to Awaiting Shipment to mark that the order has been pulled. Logicbroker then transforms the order data into a format the supplier can easily understand.

Flow: Supplier > Logicbroker > BigCommerce
Cancellations in Logicbroker will be sent into BigCommerce by updating the order status to Cancelled if it is a full cancellation. If it is a partial cancellation, we will add details about the canceled items to the staff notes and update the order status to Manual Verification Required.

Flow: Supplier > Logicbroker > BigCommerce
Shipments created by the supplier and transmitted to Logicbroker will be sent out to the retailer's BigCommerce account. 
Fields and custom mappings
Order Order Line Shipments
Logicbroker Field BigCommerce Field
PO id
ExtendedAttribute ["BigCommerceOrderId"] id
OrderDate date_created
HandlingAmount handling_cost_inc_tax
Currency currency_code
Payments.Method payment_method
Payments.ReferenceId payment_provider_id
Discounts.DiscountAmount discount_amount
Taxes.TaxAmount total_tax
TotalAmount total_inc_tax
Note customer_message


ExtendedAttribute ["BigCommerceStaffNotes"] staff_notes
*BillToAddress billing_address
*ShipToAddress (Fields will map as expected. The id field from BigCommerce will be mapped to ContactID.)
⚠️ Note
Any custom fields (form_fields in BigCommerce) will be added to the address level ExtendedAttributes with the prefix bigcommerce_
  • Logicbroker account (retailer flow) - become a Logicbroker customer
  • Workflows - reach out to Logicbroker support so we can add the workflows needed to complete your BigCommerce integration *make sure you do this before you get started on the Setup
  • BigCommerce account - review pricing

See our Connect to BigCommerce Quick Start Guide for setup instructions and to see the connector in action. 

Connect to BigCommerce

Troubleshooting and FAQs

Also see BigCommerce's Help page.

Connector updates
Date Update
4/14/2022 Add requested ship method to orders

Support Multiple Tracking Numbers. Multiple tracking numbers will be posted in separate requests

Support variants in inventory. SKU must be matched to variant

Support for item-level tax

Support for staff notes. Extended Attribute name will be BigCommerceStaffNotes to control the value provided to Big Commerce

9/30/2020 Make order pull status configurable and include pull window if not using Awaiting Fulfillment


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