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General information
  • Connection method: Direct (EDI > AS2)
  • Order types: Dropship


  • There is no email or phone number to directly speak with Amazon. To submit a support ticket with their team, in Amazon Vendor Central, go to Help > scroll down > View Case Log and create the ticket here.



  • Third-Party Shipping Labels - If the vendor currently does shipping labels within Amazon, and the vendor would like to switch to printing their own shipping labels, the vendor will need to involve Amazon in the process. Open up a ticket through Amazon's help center to explain what you are trying to accomplish.


Integration flow:

  • The retailer sends orders (850s) to LB
  • LB sends orders to the supplier through LB or to the supplier's system
  • If auto-acknowledgment is on: LB will generate an acknowledgment (855)
    and send it to the retailer
  • If auto-acknowledgment is not on: Supplier will acknowledge incoming orders that are in a ‘Ready to Acknowledge’ status
  • The supplier ships or cancels orders in Logicbroker or in their external system
  • LB sends shipments (856) or cancellations (855) to the retailer
  • If auto-invoicing is on: LB will generate an invoice and send it to the retailer
  • If auto-invoicing is not on: the supplier will create an invoice and LB will send it to the retailer
  • Orders show as ‘Complete’ in LB and in Vendor Central

Retailer document flow:

  • Sends Orders
  • Receives Acknowledgements
  • Receives Shipments
  • Receives Invoices
  • Receives Inventory



  • Returns are not supported
  • Orders - Direct Fulfillment orders are "fill or kill." If suppliers reject any line item as out of stock, Amazon will cancel and re-plan the entire order to a different warehouse.
  • Acknowledgments- If suppliers don't recognize the ship method in an order, they must reject it. Suppliers should contact Amazon if they receive a ship method they don't recognize. A full list of Direct Fulfillment ship method codes can be found in the EDI specifications in the Resource Center.
  • Acknowledgments - Rejecting an order due to invalid SKU will typically result in order cancellation. Suppliers should ensure their Amazon catalog is up to date.
  • Acknowledgments - backorders are not supported
  • Acknowledgments - if orders are accepted (and an 855 acceptance is sent out to Amazon) and the supplier realizes they cannot ship and wish to cancel, they need to do it directly in Vendor Central - they cannot send out a new 855 cancellation from the portal *if auto-ack is turned on, suppliers can only cancel orders directly in Vendor Central
  • Invoices - Payee Code is setup through business rules
  • Invoices - require a RemitTo.AddressCode - setup in portal
  • Inventory - for testing - Use Amazon ASIN; In Production - Can use Vendor Number (VN) in production


Acknowledgments - Accepted Change Reasons:

These are accepted change reasons and their corresponding code when sent to Amazon:

  • Bad address: "08"
  • Cannot ship using provided ship method: "13"
  • Discontinued item: "71"
  • Info missing on the purchase order: "56"
  • Invalid SKU: "02"
  • Invalid ship method: "13"
  • Out of stock: "03"
  • Invalid item cost: "20"


Inventory is sent to Amazon as an 846 file. Suppliers upload a Matching File and a Standard Feed.

Daily Feed: Supplier uploads a new Standard Feed feed daily into Logibroker reflecting updated quantities *if no quantities changed from the previous day, you don't need to upload a new file

Adding an Item: If the supplier is adding a new item to their assortment, they will add it in their inventory feed and upload it into Logicbroker as a Matching File and also as a Standard Feed

Schedule: Logicbroker has 1 scheduled job that sends inventory to Amazon

  1. Daily Full Feed: this feed is sent out once a day and is for every item in your assortment.
    What is being sent?  In the portal, go to Products > Inventory Feeds > Download Files > Standard Feed > Download
    When does this job run?  In the portal, go to Settings > Scheduled Jobs > Search for the EDI Inventory Exporter Job that runs once a day and see the time there *note this is in UTC time
    Amazon Notes 
    By sending a full feed, Amazon will zero out any available quantities of items not included in the feed. Logicbroker only sends out full feeds, suppliers can upload delta files to Logicbroker and Logicbroker will send out a full feed including delta changes

*Note: If a vendor already has an inventory process in place with Amazon, you can encourage them to keep that process in place vs. making it a part of the integration. 


Required fields

CSV Field Column Description Required
Supplier SKU A Supplier's SKU Yes
Merchant SKU B In testing, this needs to be Amazon's ASIN #, but in production, it can be either Amazon's ASIN # or the vendor number (VN) Yes
Quantity E Add up all individual warehouse quantities Yes
Cost F   Yes
Warehouse O 5 digit alphanumeric Vendor Code found in Amazon - *not the warehouse location Yes
Warehouse Quantity S Must match Quantity if there is only 1 warehouse Yes
Vendor Number BE 5 digit alphanumeric Vendor Code found in Amazon - *not the warehouse location



Some of these values can be found in Vendor Central > Items > Direct Fulfillment Inventory



See our Onboard with Amazon (Direct Fulfillment) Quick Start Guide for setup instructions and to see the connector in action. 

Onboard with Amazon (Direct Fulillment)

Troubleshooting and FAQs

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