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General information
  • Connection method: CommerceHub > EDI > sFTP (cost-friendly option)
  • Order types: Dropship




  • CommerceHub reuses SKUs for all testing, but if you want them to use different SKUs, you can reach out to them early on and send them the inventory you want them to use to generate test cases
  • CHUB charges for an AS2 connection, so we default to the SFTP connection when possible


Integration flow:

  • The retailer sends orders (850s) to LB
  • LB sends orders to the supplier through LB or to the supplier's system
  • The supplier ships or cancels orders in Logicbroker or in their external system
  • LB pulls shipments/cancellations if the supplier is using an external system
  • LB sends shipments (856) or cancellations (855) to the retailer
  • If auto-invoicing is on: LB will generate an invoice and send it to the retailer
  • If auto-invoicing is not on: the supplier will create an invoice and LB will send it to the retailer
  • Orders show as ‘Complete’ in LB and in CommerceHub

Retailer document flow:

  • Sends Orders
  • Receives Acknowledgements
  • Receives Shipments
  • Receives Invoices
  • Receives Inventory



  • Fill or kill (line-level)
  • CHUB uses te 856 for cancellations
  • Acceptance acks and backorders are not accepted - only cancellations acks are accepted


Inventory is sent to Home Depot as an 846 file. Suppliers upload a Matching File and a Standard Feed.

Daily Feed: Supplier uploads a new Standard Feed feed daily into Logibroker reflecting updated quantities *if no quantities changed from the previous day, you don't need to upload a new file

Adding an Item: If the supplier is adding a new item to their assortment, they will add it in their inventory feed and upload it into Logicbroker as a Matching File and also as a Standard Feed

Discontinuing an item: set Status (Column BD) to DISC

Schedule: Logicbroker has 2 scheduled jobs to send inventory to the retailer

  1. Daily Full Feed: this feed is sent out once a day and is for every item in your assortment.
    What is being sent?  In the portal, go to Products > Inventory Feeds > Download Files > Standard Feed > download
    When does this job run?  In the portal, go to Settings > Scheduled Jobs > Search for the EDI Inventory Exporter Job that runs once a day and see the time there *note this is in UTC time
  2. Hourly Delta File: if there are any inventory changes or new uploads made by the supplier, Logicbroker will send out an hourly file with only changed items


Required fields

CSV Field Column Description Required
Supplier SKU A Supplier's SKU Yes
Merchant SKU B Home Depot's SKU Yes
UPC C   Optional
Quantity E   Yes
Warehouse O Must match the warehouse code the customer set up in their CommerceHub Setup Step 1: Provide some details about your company) Yes
Warehouse Quantity S Must match Quantity if there is only 1 warehouse Yes
Vendor Number BE Assigned to the supplier by Home Depot




See our Onboard with Home Depot Quick Start Guide for setup instructions and to see the connector in action. 

Onboard with Home Depot

Troubleshooting and FAQs
Issues How to troubleshoot or resolve

Failing acknowledgments with no cancellation reason

When Home Depot cancels an order, they do not put in a reason, thus causing the document to fail.

  1. set the Acknowledgement to ignored
  2. set the Order to a Ready To Ship status (500) so that it can be acted on
  3. From the order screen, select the accept/reject > cancel the order with out of stock as the reason
  4. This generates a new Acknowledgement
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