Retailer-Specific Support

This article outlines common issues suppliers run into in production specific to different partners. 



Failing invoices: "cannot query field "finance" on type "mutation"

Invoices will fail in Logicbroker with this error if you auto-invoicing set up on Wayfair's end. 

You can do 1 of 2 things:

  1. Turn off auto-invoicing with Wayfair
    1. Reach out to Wayfair and have auto-invoicing turned off on their end
    2. For any orders that are already invoiced through Wayfair, move the failed invoice in Logicbroker to 'Ignored'
  2. Turn off auto-invoicing with Logicbroker
    1. Reach out to and ask for auto-invoicing for your Wayfair channel to be turned off
    2. Move all failed invoices to 'Ignored'
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