Not receiving emails from Logicbroker? 

Check your junk mail folder & add do-not-reply@logicbroker.com to your contacts list. If you are still not receiving emails from us, reach out to support@logicbroker.com and let us know your account name and your email and we'll look into the issue. 


Missed the deadline to register?

Reach out to your partner, a teammate with Logicbroker access or support@logicbroker.com with your company name and email address to have a user invitation resent. See Manage Users 


Already registered but can't log in?

Make sure you are using your username to log in, not your email (unless you registered with your email address as your username). Usernames and passwords are case-sensitive. 

If you cannot remember your username, you can ask someone from your team who has Users permissions (most have this turned on by default): in the portal, go to Settings > Manage Users 



Trying to log in but your company is not enabled in production?

Depending on where you are in your onboarding process, your company may or may not be enabled yet - when trying to login to the production portal, you will see this message: "It looks like your company is not enabled in production". Once you have completed the onboarding process, Logicbroker will push your account into production. If your account has not been enabled reach out to support@logicbroker.com and let us know your account name and your partner and we'll enable your account in production.


Can Logicbroker reject orders that have a shipping method I do not support?

No, Logicbroker cannot reject or block orders depending on the ship method. The supplier and retailer need to discuss which ship methods are accepted between the two outside of Logicbroker.

The retailer must be sure to comply and only send orders with ship methods the supplier can support. The supplier must be sure to only ship orders using the requested ship method.




Why are leading zeroes being deleted from my feed?

*Only applicable to suppliers manually uploading inventory to Logicbroker using Excel/CSV

If you have information with leading zeroes, excel will automatically remove them. To fix this, you can either:

  1. Change the column to Text format instead of General or Number Format. or - 
  2. Add an apostrophe to the begging of your input (ex. '00548663) - this will keep all your formatting in place



Why are my items showing up in scientific notation?

*Only applicable to suppliers manually uploading inventory to Logicbroker using Excel/CSV

SKUs and UPCs are often reverted to scientific notation due to their long number sequence. To fix this, you can change the column that shows up in scientific notation to Text format instead of General or Number Format.


I sent my 846 but it is not showing up in stage portal?

*Only applicable to EDI suppliers

Make sure you are using the correct stage/test AS2 Identifier: STAGELOGICBROKERAS2, confirm you have our AS2 Information set up correctly and that your EDI connection is working.




I am an EDI supplier, can I cancel orders through the portal?

*Only applicable to EDI suppliers

Yes, if you plan on only canceling orders manually through the portal, you can process test cases that require a cancellation through the portal instead of sending an 855.


How do I know if testing is complete?

*Only applicable to suppliers working with a Logcbroker retailer

In stage portal, navigate to Testing > select your Partner > the bar should appear green and if you click View, all test cases should say Complete





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