Logicbroker Packages for suppliers

Logicbroker Packages is an alternative to the native NetSuite packages tab for our customers who are using our Supplier Bundle. A common issue with Item Fulfillments in NetSuite is that the native packages do not contain item information. Logicbroker packages allows specific lines and quantities to be tied to packages.

Overview: Populating the Logicbroker Packages tab

As of Supplier Bundle 3.3.0, a new User Event script exists: Populate LB Packages. This script exists to help our customers more easily map the data fields that they already have in NetSuite into Logicbroker Packages.


When this script is deployed, it will run on Item Fulfillments when they change from Packed to Shipped. This means we will be requiring our customers to use Pick/Pack/Shipped in order to utilize this script. The script is very customizable in the ways it can map information to Logicbroker Packages. All of the configuration parameters can be found on the deployment record under the "Parameters" tab.


Script parameters

The Use Packages Tab Descriptions checkbox indicates whether the script will pull information from the built in NetSuite Packages tab (if the checkbox is checked) or if the script should use the configured fields on the line level to retrieve package information. 

The tracking number, container code, and class code fields all default to the built-in custom Logicbroker fields that are included in the bundle, however, this is fully customizable to support whichever line-level fields in NetSuite that you would prefer to use. Replace the parameter field values with the ID of the NetSuite field to pull from.


Script configuration option 1: Use the package tab descriptions

The Populate LB Packages script provides two options for its usage. The first option is to use NetSuite's built-in Packages tab to map to Logicbroker Packages. This option will run if the Use Packages Tab Descriptions checkbox is checked on the script deployment.

In the Packages tab of the Item Fulfillment, we will pull the data found in the Package Contents Description column. For each package, we expect a comma or semicolon separated list (space is also allowed) of the format sku: quantity. This allows us to match the items and quantities to their respective packages.

Note: If using this option, please be aware that there is no way to differentiate between lines if the shipment contains duplicate SKUs across line items.


Script configuration option 2: Use line-level fields

This option will run if the Use Packages Tab Descriptions checkbox is not checked on the script deployment. It will use the configured fields that have been set on the script deployment. If no fields have been specified, it will default to using the fields included in the Logicbroker Supplier Bundle: custcol_lb_tracknum, custcol_lb_containercode, and custcol_lb_classcode

In the configured field for tracking number, we expect a comma or semicolon separated list (space is also allowed) of the format tracking number: quantity.

When using this option, it is possible to differentiate between duplicate SKUs across lines.


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