Release Notes Through 9/29/2021

Portal Updates:

  • Inventory: Minimum quantity value can be set to a specific number so when the inventory number goes below that value, inventory will be set to 0
  • Product Catalog:
    • New default catalog attributes, availability date and proposition 65, have been added

    • Simplified process to upload the standard template

    • Aligned category lists that are provided on the company profile with the categories offered when setting up products

    • Support for more detailed error messaging

  • Product Feeds:
    • Ability to subscribe to Product Feed Approval Notifications in Portal

    • Supplier users will receive email notifications indicating a product feed failure
    • Added partner company name to email title for failures
  • API:
    • Information has been added to identify when sending inventory via API
  • VFTP
    • New catalog directory for uploading catalog files
    • Support to broadcast inventory CSV through VFTP

Connector Updates:

  • ShipStation:
    • Support for users to manage Store IDs in the Portal 
    • Fixed order post to allow for characters like "&" in customizable item options

    • Support for retailers to create a cancellation in the Portal to send to ShipStation.
  • eBay: Inventory retry logic and improved error handling
  • Magento 2 (Extension 1.2.3): Support for orders with missing billing or shipping address

Bug Fixes:

  • Shipments: An error popup will appear if a box repeat on the shipment page fails
  • Learn Logicbroker: Emails notifications when assignments are created for users
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