Connecting Your ShipStation Account with Logicbroker

In order to successfully utilize the ShipStation connection with Logicbroker, suppliers will need to establish their connection and Store IDs within the Logicbroker Portal. 

Creating the Connection 

First, navigate to Settings>Connections and select Connect to A New System


From here, select ShipStation from the connections offerings.


Input the API Key and API Secret, as shown below, and select Save


Adding Store IDs

Once you have saved your credentials, click on the Get Store IDs button. Here you will need to pull your Partners and Store IDs, shown in the image below. 


Now that you have your Store IDs, navigate to Settings>Custom Lookups and select New


Using the information from the Store IDs tab, input the Partner and the Store ID into the appropriate field.  For example, when we pulled the Store IDs in the earlier steps, Demo Retailer's Store ID was 595 so the Partner is Demo Retailer and the Store ID is 595. Once this information is populated click Save.


Repeat the Adding Store ID steps for all partners. Once complete, all of the partners should be showcased in the ShipStation Store IDs section, shown below.



Moving Information from Stage to Production

Suppliers will typically work in the Logicbroker Stage Portal prior to moving to Production. If this is the case, Suppliers are able to easily export the Store IDs that were added and import them into the Production Portal. 

First, click on the Export CSV button at the top of the section.


You should have a downloaded file titled ShipStation Store IDs. Now that the file has been generated, log into the Production Portal.

Navigate to Settings>Custom Lookups and select Import CSV.


Select the ShipStation Store IDs file and upon completion, a success message will appear. If there are any errors with the upload these will also be outlined in a message. 



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