860 PO Change Process

Orders will come in as they normally do from the Retailer.

Ensure that you are subscribed to Trading Partner Notifications so that you receive an email that a PO Change has been received. To check this go to Settings > Trading Partner Notifications and make sure it’s set to Red and Save.


A sample of the notification email is shown below and will note the changes that have been requested within the body of the email.


You can then come into the portal and do a search for either POAck or the specific Order Number, and that will show the 860 that was sent. The Sender will be the Retailer in this case Target Replenishment.


Click details next to the POAck in Submitted and that will then show you all the details that are changing. Once you receive and you are ready to apply them to the order, hit Accept in the top right and that will then apply the changes to the order.


Then you would navigate back to the order and the changes will then be applied.

Note: Changes will not get applied if a PO change comes in and is not applied and then a second PO change comes in so you want to ensure you accept the PO change right away. Also, if it’s only a date change and there are no lines, we don’t currently apply it. You would just receive the email with the date changes and it’s noted on the events on the order.

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