1-25-2021 Quick Hits

Wayfair API Updates

  • There are limits to how many requests can be sent. Batch sizes have been adjusted and are scheduled to run every 15 minutes. Different documents are configured to run at different times.
  • A new pull order limit has been set for CastleGate, users will be pulling 7-day old orders.
  • When uploading inventory, products are is limited to 100,000 SKUs. Anything beyond that number will have issues connecting to Wayfair API. 

Portal Enhancements

  • Reporting for failed document events is now available through the Reports function in the Portal. Failures are consolidated into one summary to help efficiently manage these events. 
  • The original carrier and service level codes for ship method mappings will now be stored.

PGP Encryption

  • Encryption is available when sending custom XML. Data is exchanged through a private (decrypts) and public(encrypts) key and can be used for both outbound and inbound documents.
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