Release Notes Through 2/1/2021

Portal Updates:

  • Email fields are editable on failed orders.
  • A simplified cost-based sourcing algorithm is now live.
  • Failed document events are visible in bulk using the Failed Document Summary under the Reports section.
  • Connector functionality is displayed on the Connections page.
  • Failed document events are consolidated into a single summary on the Failed Documents page within the Reporting function.
  • Original carrier and service level codes are stored for ship method mappings

Connector Updates:

  • ShipStation: Shipments can be configured to pull fulfillments into the Logicbroker Portal from ShipStation.
  • Shopify: Customers can be notified when orders (placed through API) are shipped.
  • Magento: New multi-source Inventory options are available. 
    • Functionalities include: ignore item sources, put all items under a single source, use of vendor number from inventory as source code, use of supplier account number as source code.
    • Ability to specify source code on shipments, if this is not provided the default source will be used.

    • Only orders less than 30 days old will be sent.

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