Consolidating Inventory

There may be instances where inventory will need to be consolidated for 3PL warehouses so suppliers can broadcast across retail channels. Logicbroker is able to configure a workflow for these scenarios which will aggregate inventory from connected fulfillment sources and automatically push it to suppliers so the inventory quantities can be shared with connected channels.

When this type of workflow is configured, warehouses will provide quantity counts for the MerchantSKU, and Logicbroker will pull these into the system, consolidate them, and push the quantities to the Supplier to be broadcasted as the SupplierSKU.

Field Descriptions 

Below you will find a list of fields used for this workflow and their descriptions.

Field Description


This is pulled from the MerchantSKU on the customer retailer’s account.
Quantity This is the total quantity of all items with the provided SKU.


This is the minimum available date that is after the current time.


This field is the quantity corresponding to the next available date.

Set Up Process

  1. Logicbroker will determine if this consolidation is needed.
  2. If needed, Logicbroker will configure the workflows and address the information accordingly.
  3. The mappings will be tested to ensure that everything is flowing from the warehouses and to the supplier to broadcast as expected.


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