Setting Up Connections

Users are now able to create their own connections directly in the Logicbroker Portal. The only information needed to set up a connection is your credentials. If you do not see the connection you are looking for and would like to add it, please send an email to

It is important to note that each of these connections must be configured in both the Production and Stage environments. The initial connection should be made in the Stage environment and once testing is completed, remove the credentials from Stage and move them over to the Production environment. 

Please Note: If you already have an existing connection set up with a connector, do not use the below process. This will overwrite what is already configured.


Setting Up a Connection

1. To make a new connection, navigate to the lefthand side toolbar and select Connections from the Settings dropdown.


2. Once on the Connections page, click on the Connect to a New System button and all connectors configured in the Logicbroker system will appear.


3. Once the connector has been selected, users will be shown a brief description of what capabilities are available as well as fields to input their credentials required to establish the connection.


4. After saving the credentials in the environment you are working in, please contact to ensure your workflow is set up properly. Once confirmed, your connection will be ready for either testing or going live with orders. 



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