Release Notes Through 11/10/2020

Portal Updates:

  • EDI: New Workflow to Export Order Update Acknowledgement as 865
  • EDI: 865 Outbound Map 
  • API: Adjusted over-invoice detection
  • Lines on the acknowledgements, shipments, invoices, and returns will match to lines on the order based on line number if none of the SKU fields are present

Connector Updates:

  • ShipStation:
    -Pricing now appears on shipments
  • Channel Advisor: 
    -Pull orders
    -Send cancel acknowledgments, shipments, inventory, returns 
  • Shopify:
    -Ship to and bill to phone added to Supplier orders
    -Inventory quantity will be updated based on location
  • NetSuite:
    -Commerce EDI bundle Sales orders now have additional fields to support custom data
    -Support for purchase order acks for EDI and supplier bundles 

Bug Fixes:

  • KVPs/Extended attributes processing with empty string for values will be overwritten with KVP values from the order
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