Configuring Single Sign On (SSO) in the Portal

The following items are needed for Logicbroker Support to configure SAML SSO for your company in the Portal:
1. Company Name
2. URL
3. Certificate

Please note: Logicbroker can configure SSO with any identity provider such as Okta, Microsoft, etc., however, SAML is a standard protocol for this feature.

The requirements listed above are typically available through setup instructions provided by the identity provider. Please complete the survey below and have the information listed above easily accessible.

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Once set up with the identity provider and Logicbroker, customers can create groups and assign users. Users would then log into the identity provider page and their assigned applications will all appear in one location. They would need to select the Logicbroker application and will be redirected to Portal.

When SSO is enabled, users will not be able to use VFTP and will need to utilize the API key instead. Additionally, users will not be able to utilize the forgot password function in the Portal and will need to reset passwords through the identity provider.



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