Netsuite POAck process

Acknowledgements (855) will be triggered off of the sales order by marking the Acknowledgement Export Status as "Not Exported" on the header level of the sales order; by default this will be set to a blank value. This is a custom field created by the Logicbroker bundle, once "Not Exported" is selected the QuantityAccepted, QuantityCancelled and QuantityBackordered will be calculated accordingly (below) and the acknowledgement will be sent to Logicbroker and the connected retail channel.


QuantityCancelled = OriginalOrderQuantity - Quantity (NetSuite native field)


The OriginalOrderQuantity is a field that comes by default with the Logicbroker Bundle. We use this field to calculate the QuantityCancelled. The OriginalOrderQuantity field is not visible, and cannot be edited. The QuantityCancelled is be calculated from it, so if a user changes the Quantity on the Sales Order, for example from 3 to 1, then the QuantityCancelled would be (3 – 1) = 2.


QuantityAccepted = Quantity (native value in NetSuite) - QuantityBackordered
QuantityBackordered = QuantityBackordered (native value in NetSuite)


A Sales Order can be created with the Acknowledgement Export Status defaulted to "Not Exported" which will auto-create the acknowledgement. This will take in account any backordered items and accepted items automatically. The “Expected Ship Date” provided in NetSuite under the line level will be used to send Scheduled Ship Dates for Backorder or accepted items.


In the event a line item needs to be completely removed, the line can be marked as closed. This will trigger a full cancellation for that line with the total Quantity being equal to the QuantityCancelled; this is a different process and utilizes the SendCancellation MR script. 


Fields to indicate that an Acknowledgement was sent successfully to Logicbroker will be:

·         Logicbroker POAck Export Status (Exported)


The POAck can be resent, or a new one sent by updating this flag back to "Not Exported". The next the Send PO Acks MR script is ran, a new Acknowledgment will be sent to the trading partner.


There is a separate process that creates a Acknowledgment when a line is marked as closed. This will have no relation to the Acknowledgement Export Status. The PO Acknowledgement will get created when the line is marked as closed and must be used when cancelling the entire line, this is a different scheduled job.


What About Partial Shipments when backordered? In a scenario where a line Quantity was 3 ,and 1 was backordered, but the remaining 2 can be fulfilled?

In this case, the BackorderQuantity of 1 would be sent on the Acknowledgement and a QuantityAccepted as 2. It would depend on the retailer channel if they support partial shipments, but we would still create the fulfillment request for the accepted items (2 in this case) and expect to receive a shipment back for them. When the backordered item becomes available, the user can create the fulfillment request (assuming the location type is setup to use the fulfillment request) for the backordered item to finalize the shipment.


In addition, on the Logicbroker side, we do not update an Order’s status to Complete until all items are shipped or cancelled on the original sales order. So all statuses in the LB platform will be visible as well.


How do we reprocess? 

Reprocessing the Acknowledgement would involve updating the Acknowledgement Export Status to “Not Exported” and running the scheduled script – Logicbroker Send PO Acks MR scriptLogicbroker Send Cancellations MR script will be used for sending the closed lines.

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