Release Notes thru 8/31/2020

Portal Updates:

  • 860 Update:
    • Support for RZ code in POC Segment - Update to Quantity to the Qty Left to Receive
    • Support for QI Code in POC Segment - Update to Quantity to the Qty Left to Receive
    • Support for CT Code in POC Segment - Provide Change of Date in Event
    • Support for auto-creating cancellation acknowledgements using the original order quantity
  • Automatic notification of expiring Logicbroker AS2 certificate
  • Product Catalog: Add Rules for Processing to Retailers
    • Add concatenation, math rules (subtraction, addition, multiplication and division)
  • Product Catalog: Advanced import mapping for custom CSV/XLSX
  • Product Catalog: New page for adding/updating items
  • Quantity Accepted editable in portal
  • Bulk retry orders on the Order Management page in portal
  • Custom ExtendedAttributes are visible on the Bulk Actions pages
  • Notification when the portal is not connected to real-time updates
  • Ability to edit failed orders in portal
    • Restricted to customers only and changing an order will reset the order status
  • Failed Docs Event includes Summary
  • Show attachments on an event in the portal
  • Set default scheduled ship date on bulk acknowledgment and details page
  • Added a dropdown for status on the advanced export page
  • Validate shipment quantity when updating draft shipments for overshipment
  • Reduce max login attempts to 5 and lock out users requiring a password change
  • Linking Comments/Messages to Order documents

Connector Updates:

  • Shopify: Add customer address and email
  • Shopify: Map tracking_company to class code for shipments
  • Shopify: GDPR endpoint to receive notifications for GDPR requests
  • Shopify: Do not pull shipments without tracking numbers
  • ShipStation: Map state on shipments
  • Amazon Seller Central: Log warnings for inventory upload

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix over-shipment detection for over-cancelled lines
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