Release Notes thru 7/13/2020

Portal Updates:

  • Added Last Upload Date to the Overdue Inventory Email Notification
  • Added ReturnLines.Price to Return Creation Page
  • Update Logicbroker AS2 certificate (valid thru 7/7/22)
  • Change outbound EDI attachments to show document EDI Type ID (850, 855, 810 etc)
  • Set AcknowledgementNumber when auto-acknowledging orders
  • Visibility to scheduled jobs including "Go faster" button in portal used for inventory processing
  • Ability to update cost on inventory when there is a failure based on SKU sourcing
  • Generating carrier labels will in portal will automatically pop up on submitting the shipment
  • Auto-weigh products when shipping, calculates from inventory if no weight is provided on order
  • Show error message on failed PO Change (860)
    • Supported codes are listed here

Connector Updates:

  • Google Shopping: Support for Destination and Feed ID fields for Supplemental Feeds
  • Amazon Seller Central: Add Mapping on Order
    • BuyerEmail, ShippingPrice, GiftWrapPrice, ItemTax, ShippingTax, GiftWrapTax, ShippingDiscount, ShippingDiscountTax, PromotionDiscount, PromotionDiscountTax
  • Amazon Seller Central: Add "ItemTaxWithheld" to invoice map for Financial Events
  • SKUVault: Prevent Negative Inventory Quantities
  • Shopify Supplier: Shipments map "province_code" from state
  • Shopify Retailer: Update Order Map to include:
    • [note] = note
    • [note_attributes] = ExtendedAttribute[Name="ShopifyNote_{Name_of_Attribute}"]
    • [email] = ExtendedAttribute[Name="CustomerEmail]
    • Customer Address = OrderedByAddress
    • [customer.accepts-marketing] = OrderedByAddress.ExtendedAttribute[Name="acceptsmarketing"]
    • [discount_codes.code] = Discount.DiscountCode
    • [discount_codes.amount] = Discount.DiscountAmount
    • [discount_codes.type] = Discount.DiscountName
    • [shipping_lines.discounted_price] = OrderLines.ExtendedAttribute[Name="discounted_price"]
    • [line_items.discount_allocations.amount] = OrderLines.Discount.DiscountAmount
  • Shopify Retailer: Make financial status configurable when pulling orders
  • Walmart Marketplace: Add Sandbox URL to configuration

Bug Fixes:


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