Matching File

The purpose of the matching file is to link the item identifiers that a merchant uses for a particular product, with the item identifiers a supplier uses for that same product. Since these identifiers may differ from partner to partner, Logicbroker uses this matching file to make sure the final recipient of the document receives the correct Item Identifier 

For Retailers

Matching files are used to make sure you receive the correct version of a Supplier's SKU in your system. Any values in the "MerchantSKU" field/column will be the values you have setup for the product in your system.

The matching is also required if you use Logicbroker's AI sourcing tools for order sourcing. When this functionality is used, Logicbroker's system matches the SKU sent on the order to the supplier's version of the SKU ("SupplierSKU"), then transmits that version to your supplier. This makes it easier for suppliers to identify which products you are sending them.

The Matching file also controls which products will be sent to your system on inventory feeds. Any un-matched items will not be sent to your system.

For Suppliers

Each retail trading partner you are connected to will have their own system for managing your products. It is common for a retailer to have their own version of a SKU for each of your products. Using the matching file allows you to manage these relationships directly within Logicbroker. The value under "MerchantSKU" will typically be the value that Logicbroker sends to your retailers when sending them an inventory file (either via EDI, XML, via API, etc.). 

By managing the values in Logicbroker, you do not need to setup a cross-reference table in your own system. The Matching file also controls which products will be sent to your trading partner. Any un-matched items will not be sent on inventory files.

When to upload a Matching File

Matching files should be setup when new products will need be communicated to your trading partners (retailer or supplier). If you are only going to offer a small subset of products for the life of the relationship, a matching file should only need to be uploaded once. Otherwise, anytime new products need to be added to inventory feeds or orders sourced to a supplier, the matching file should be updated with the new products. 

Matching File Format

The matching file requires only two columns. These columns are the first two columns on the Logicbroker standard feed: SupplierSKU, and MerchantSKU.


(The matching file may also be a CSV file with only two columns, but the column headers must be “SupplierSKU” and “MerchantSKU”)

These two columns should be populated with the supplier’s version of a SKU, along with the merchant’s corresponding version of that SKU.

(Attached is a matching file that may be used as a template for uploads) 

Uploading a Matching File

To upload a matching file, make sure the correct partner is selected from the “Select Partner” drop down. Once selected, scroll down to the upload files area and press “choose file”. This will open a prompt to upload a file from your computer. Select the matching file you would like to upload. Once selected, select "Matching File" as the type of file you are planning on uploading.

Once completed, an event will be created indicating a new matching file was uploaded. The details will show the name of the file you had uploaded.


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