Inventory - Updating Available Quantities and Pricing


In Google Shopping Actions, you can update your sellable quantities as well as updating pricing for the end customers. When a product is updated the product will show available if the quantity is above 0 and use the pricing that is provided in your Logicbroker feed. By default Logicbroker feeds will process every hour and will only update items that have been updated since the last run, this is referred to as a delta feed.

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Testing Inventory Updates

To begin processing your inventory updates, you must first update your Google Environment in the Logicbroker portal to Production. There are no sandbox environments for products and inventory updates.

To do this navigate to Settings > Connections > Google Shopping Actions

Then update your Google Environment to Production and click Save.


Once your credentials are updated, we can begin by adding products to your inventory. Navigate to Products > Inventory Search

You can also add products using the standard inventory feed upload, see this article for more details. This is recommended for updating your products on a schedule.

If you do not have a product setup for Google Shopping Retailer, you can create an individual product for testing purposes.

Click New Item and add the Partner, Quantity, SupplierSKU, MerchantSKU, and Cost. The SupplierSKU will need to match the ID (Offer SKU) in Google Shopping Actions to update properly. 


Once the item is updated, Google Shopping will be updated on the next scheduled run, which is 10 minutes past every hour.

In Google Shopping, you will see your updated product values by clicking into your product. Under Final attributes you will see the price and sell on google quantity updated.


Field Descriptions

Here are the list of fields that will update from Logicbroker's inventory feed to Google Shopping Actions.

Google Field

Logicbroker Field





Matches the offerId that is setup for your product.




Price that will appear to your end customers.




Will be used to determine if product is in stock and can be purchased


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