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After an order is received from a retailer, a PO Change (860) can be received at any point thereafter. When an PO Change is received, Logicbroker will automatically check if the notice is a cancellation, if it does, items will be checked for cancellations and no shipments were sent for those items. If there is a cancellation for all ordered items, and no shipments sent, the status will get updated to Cancelled (1100); if not the status will update to Change Received (460).

The Change Received (460) status can be used to check for notification details, as well as direct updates made to the order. The Order Management search, Advanced Export, or Reports can be used to review changed orders. Or if you have an API integration you can query these orders to find additional details; see developer documentation. Listed below are all the fields that will updated on the original order, or what fields will be visible on the event when a PO Change is received.


Not all retailers will send PO Changes. It is always best practice to check how your retailer will transmit these changes.


The attached sample EDI would create the following event.


Field Descriptions

EDI Field

Logicbroker Field




Updates the event with details about the change that is being sent. If (01) Cancellation is provided and no shipment was provided for the order, the order status will move to Cancelled (1100).

DTM02 (010, 830)


Qualifiers 010 and 830 in DTM01 will update RequestedShipDate on the order

DTM02 (037)


Qualifier 037 in DTM01 will update DoNotShipBefore on the order

DTM02 (064)

ExtendedAttributes.DTM - Do Not Deliver Before

Qualifier 064 in DTM01 will update the extended attribute on the order

DTM02 (017)


Qualifier 017 in DTM01 will update ExpectedDeliveryDate on the order

DTM02 (001, 038)


Qualifiers 001 and 038 in DTM01 will update DoNotShipAfter on the order


Line Number

Links to the original orders line number to update the item



Will be provided on the Change event attached to the order to indicate what change is made to the order. See full list below.

AI - Add Additional Item(s)

CA - Changes To Line Items

CB - Change of Date Terms

CC - Changes To Terms

CE - Changes To Item Level Allowance/Charges

CF - Cancel Previously Transmitted Purchase Order

CG - Changes To Total Level Allowance/Charges

CH - Change To Original Confirmation Of Original Announcement

CI - Change To Confirmation Of Revised Announcement

CT - Change of Dates

DI - Delete Item(s)

MU - (Multiple) For Unit Price Quantity Reschedule Change

NC - Concurrent Item (No Change)

OA - Original Confirmation Of Revised Announcement

OC - Original Confirmation Of Original Announcement

PC - Price Change

PQ - Unit Price/Quantity Change

PR - Unit Price/Reschedule Change

QD - Quantity Decrease

QI - Quantity Increase

RA - Replace Mode of Shipment

RB - Replace All Dates

RC - Reject Item Change

RE - Replacement Item

RM - Replacement Item with Modifications

RQ - Reschedule/Quantity Change

RS - Reschedule

RZ - Replace All Values

TI - Transfer Item



Quantity Ordered that will show on the changed event.



Will update the quantity on the order. This can increase or decrease the quantity. It is recommended to pull the new order data, once updated.



The new price of the product will be provided om the change event.

POC08 -POC15


Qualifiers VN, SK, and VA will match the SupplierSKU on the order.

Qualifiers IN and CB will match to the PartnerSKU on the order.

Qualfiers UP will match to the UPC on the order.

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