Release Notes thru 3/31/2020

Portal Updates:

  • Configuration: Auto-validate retailer ship methods that are setup in Shipment Options
  • Inventory: Added support for more warehouses; can now provide up to 10
  • API: Lowered rate limit on inventory endpoints
    • /api/v1/Inventory/{partnerid} - Request rate limited to 1 request every 10 seconds with bursts up to 30 requests
    • /api/v1/Inventory/{partnerid}/Matching - Request rate limited to 1 request every 60 seconds with bursts up to 10 requests
  • Webhook configuration setup under API Authentication in Portal
  • Configure custom field attribute values for order test cases
  • Update bulk acknowledge page with default unique AcknowledgementNumbers
  • 860 EDI: Support CA qualifier for order line detail updates
    • Updates quantity left to receive on the order
  • API: Added the endpoint /cxml/{partnerId}
    • partnerId should be the account number of the supplier. Identifiers would be configured in Logicbroker internally.

Connector Updates:

  • Google Shopping: Update product content mappings for new attributes
  • Amazon Seller Central: Support EU and multiple marketplaceids
  • Amazon Seller Central: Add support for FBA pulling orders in "pending" or "shipped" statuses

Bug Fixes:

  • Better error message when posting unlinked shipments to Shopify
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