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Google Shopping Actions is a Google service allowing brands to display and sell their products directly on Google via desktop, mobile, and Google Assistant voice searches. It is an excellent way for retailers with online stores to reach an even larger audience. All orders and payments will be taken through Google's merchant platform and will be showcased as Buy from Google


The Logicbroker Google Shopping Actions connector extends your current order integrations allowing you to receive orders, send tracking information, returns, cancellations, and inventory/product updates. If you're interested in a Logicbroker subscription or learning about how we can help you get started with Google Shopping actions, please contact us.

Supported Document Types

All new orders created through Google Shopping will be picked up by Logicbroker, every 15 minutes. Orders in the Pending shipment status will be picked up and marked as acknowledged when successfully processed to the Logicbroker system. 

Acknowledgement (Cancellation)
This document is used to cancel orders that are received from Google Shopping. Orders can only be cancelled if the item has not been fulfilled, once cancelled a full refund will be processed through Google for the purchase price of that item. 

Shipments will get created through Logicbroker sending to Google Shopping, updating the order with items shipped and all carrier + tracking information. When all items have been fulfilled the order status will move to Shipped, also notifying the end customer.

Returns are first initiated by Google Shopping and are pulled into Logicbroker every 4 hours. The return will contain all return shipping information and wait for the physical return to be received. Once the physical return is received, another return document will get created in Logicbroker to create the refund. In Logicbroker, you can enter the refund amount and the refund will be triggered inside of Google Shopping Actions.

Inventory can be managed within Logicbroker to update end customer pricing and the sellable quantity in Google Shopping Actions. By default the update will run on a schedule every hour to update Google; the updates will be made only for items that have been changed since the last update has been processed through Logicbroker.

Product Content/Listings
You can create new products or update your existing product content to list your products on Google Shopping Actions using the Logicbroker catalog. If you already have content on the Google Merchant Center you can use the Logicbroker Catalog to manage which products are to be listed on Shopping Actions or if this is a brand new feed, use the Logicbroker Catalog as your content source to create new products. Sending your product content is a 3 step process, first creating your catalog in Logicbroker, Mapping to the Google Merchant Center Feed, and Validating and processing your feed export. 


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