Setup and Configuration

Logicbroker enables merchants working with Akeneo to easily create and update products via product feeds on the Logicbroker platform. Below is the information that you will need to retrieve from Akeneo in order to get the integration set up with Logicbroker.

1. You will need to create an API user for us in your Akeneo PIM. This user will need to have Overall Web API access, since we will be connecting via the Akeneo API. For more information on how to accomplish this, please see this Akeneo article.

2. You will also have to create an API connection and give us the client ID and secret.


3. Provide us a list of the attributes that you want us to upload into Akeneo, including the code and the type of the attribute, so that we can map them in our system.


Currently, we do not support uploading files (including images), associations, scopes, or locales. Therefore, the attributes we update should be neither scopable nor localizable. Currency will be defaulted to USD. If a unit for a metric field is not provided, we will use the default one for that attribute. 

Once you have the listed information generated, please share with your Logicbroker resource so it can be configured within our system and we may start testing.

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