Release Notes thru 12/27/2019

Portal Updates:

  • Shipment Creation: Carrier input is dropdown only.
  • Require 2 factor authentication for all users.
  • Sourcing: Copy inventory cost on POs when sourcing by SKU
    • New Extended Attribute will be "InventoryCost"
  • Events: Alert is created when an empty inventory file is submitted in the portal.
    • No email is triggered this is only visible to the user uploading the file.
  • Events: Send overdue document events to document recipients
    • This includes retailer's configured for overdue reports will send to their subscribed suppliers.
  • Allow users to filter on single dates on all portal tables.
  • Allow users to create a single item from the inventory search page
  • Portal Tables: Add dropdown Filtering for Status
  • Default class code on shipment boxes if it is present and mapped on the order
  • Add product requests or suggestions button in portal
  • Show related reports on the notifications page in the portal

Connector Updates:

  • Shopify: Create orders specifying the customer ID



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