December 13 - 2019 Quick Hits

Connector Enhancements


  • Shopify Supplier Flow - Can now specify ID (customer ID) on orders being sent to suppliers. Allows suppliers to identify who their orders are from. (Requires Mapping)


  • New configuration within Magento available: Invoice only shipped qty. This allows for more accurate billing based on shipments

Portal Enhancements


  • Class Code Dropdown - Free form text to specify a carrier is no longer permitted. All values will need to be added to master drop down list
  • Two-Factor Authentication now being used for Portal login
  • Date Filtering updated: Allow dates to be searched "On or Before"
  • Add Inventory Items - Individual Inventory Items can now be added through a UI accessed on the Inventory Search Page

Notifications and Monitoring

  • Orders 72 hours to ship - Checks requested ship date on orders and notifies of all orders within that time frame.
  • Notifications requiring monitoring reports are now clearly labeled, to assist with setup.
  • Overdue Documents - When setup for billable retailers (retailers using Logicbroker as their provider), the report will automatically be sent out to their vendor community as well. 
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