Release Notes thru 11/27/2019

Portal Updates:

  • Upload and host product content images in Portal.
  • Events: Added Change Reason to Order Cancellation Event on Line Level
  • Prevent non-customer accounts from changing document status.
    • Failed documents can be moved into ignored for resubmission.
  • Admin users now have the ability to manage user groups (used when a single organization needs multiple entities within Logicbroker)
  • Limit "Carrier" selection on shipments to only a dropdown.
  • Limit retention of events to 1 year. List of events effected are listed below.
    • Manual Status Update
    • FTP Activity
    • Queue Job
    • Inventory Failure
    • Inventory Notification
    • Overdue Inventory Report
    • Scheduled Task Failed

API Updates:

Connector Updates:

  • Shopify: Add ability to Poll for Orders.
  • Shopify: Post inventory (quantity) updates.
  • Shipengine: Add new standard carrier mappings for usps_media_mail (USPS-MD) and usps_priority_mail (USPS-PB)
  • Shipengine: Add customization for Reference fields on carrier labels. KVP names for mapping include "ShipEngine_ref1", "ShipEngine_ref2", "ShipEngine_ref3"
  • Shipengine: Support for Carrier ID Mapping via Order Data. Allows for use of different Ship Engine accounts as long as it is specified on the order.
  • Shipengine: Signature required flag on the carrier label can now be specified on the order (i.e Direct, Adult, Delivery Confirmation Request)
  • Shipengine: Advanced options used on the carrier label can now be specified on the order (i.e contains alcohol, contains dry ice)
  • Magento 2: New configuration for invoicing the entire order when receiving a shipment or the single items that were shipped.


  • Delete single items with special characters using Inventory Search in the portal.
  • ShipEngine: Ability to create 2 labels/packages using one item.
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