November 18 - 2019 Quick Hits

Connector Enhancements

  • Shopify 
    • Polling now used for Shopify connections to improve connection reliability.
  • Ship Engine
    • Support for Carrier ID Mapping via Order Data. Allows for use of different Ship Engine accounts as long as it is specified on the order
    • Signature required flag can now be specified on the order (i.e Direct, Adult, Delivery Confirmation Request)
    • Advanced options can now be specified on the order (i.e contains alcohol, contains dry  ice)

API Enhancements

  • Product Feeds
    • API Endpoint allows requesting of a specific product feed (V1 - /Product/GetFields)

Notification Enhancements

  • Order Cancellation Notification
    • Default Cancellation notification now includes change reason (line level data)

Portal Enhancements

  • Group Management
    • Admin users now have the ability to manage user groups (used when a single organization needs multiple entities within Logicbroker)



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