If you already have a Logicbroker subscription and are interested in adding Shopping Actions to your list of connections, contact your Logicbroker support representative. We're happy to help you get started!

  1.  If you do not already have a Merchant Center account, or a storefront set up, follow this Google guide to get you started.
    • If you already have a Google Merchant Center account, you can enable Shopping Actions by navigating to Growth > Manage Programs and Clicking Getting Started under Shopping Actions.mceclip2.png
  2. Logicbroker's implementation team will create a Google service account email address for you which will serve as an authentication tool for the connector. It should be added as a user on your Merchant Center account as follows:
         a. Navigate to the users page by clicking the settings icon and selecting "Account Access"
         b. Click the plus sign to add a new user, and enter in the service account email address that we will provide to you. Make sure the account has Order Manager access. Note that service accounts are not regular Google accounts and cannot access the Merchant Center web user interface. It will only be used by our connector to utilize the Google Content API. 
  3. To finalize the connection you will need to connect your account in the Logicbroker portal. Navigate to Settings > Connections > Click Google Shopping Actions
    • Select your Google Environment - Sandbox will be used to test orders. There is no testing for product content and listing, this will need to be done in production.
    • Add your Merchant ID from the Google Merchant Center, this can be found by your user name at the top right of the screen. mceclip3.png

Once configured Logicbroker will help you along the way to test and manage your integration. Your account will be connected to a new channel which can be viewed under Retailers and all new orders will appear from Google Shopping Retailer.

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