Shopify Setup (for Suppliers)


In order to activate your Shopify connection, you must contact before moving forward with the setup below.

With Logicbroker, Shopify merchants can easily sell virtual inventory and enjoy a seamless drop ship relationship with suppliers. Below is how you would go about connecting your Shopify to Logicbroker.

1. In Shopify navigate to Apps -> Manage private apps:


2. Create a new private app with these settings.


3.  Save, then copy the API key and API password


4. Copy and Paste your Shopify Store Name (this is the subdomain of your ".myshopify" store)

Once acquired, please provide your API credentials (API Key + Password) and Store name to your Logicbroker onboarding representative. They will configure their system to post orders to your Shopify, and pull down related Shipments/Tracking and Inventory information.


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