Default Ship From and Remittance Address Information

Setting Default Ship-From and Remit-To Address Information

Logicbroker has the ability to populate ship-from and remit-to address information based on a one-time setup in your Logicbroker account. The ship-from address is typically used for the creation of shipments and the remit-to (or remittance) address is typically used for the creation of invoices.

Example of Use

If you are connected to a retailer that requires a ship-from address and you don't want to have to type in the same ship-from address when you create ever new shipment document, this feature would save time (see the list below on where the information is required in a shipment).

Instead of typing in this information manually or using the address book each time, Logicbroker can pre-populate the fields. This is ideal when you have a primary ship-from address where most of your shipments originate. You can overwrite what is pre-populated as needed as well.


Setup Process

  1. Go to Settings -> Account Information:
  2. Scroll down to Document Defaults and select Ship From Addresses
    • You can set up a default ship from address for the entire account (regardless of retailer) or you can set up unique default ship-from addresses for each retailer you support.
  3. Enter in the address information. Best practice is to include:
    • Company Name
    • First Name/Last Name (Contact Name)
    • Address Line 1
    • City/State/Zip
    • Country = US (not USA, not U.S., not U.S.A., not United States)
    • Phone
  4. Click Save



IMPORTANT: This process is the same for setting up a default remit-to address, except that you select Remittance Address on the Account Information page.

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