Release Notes thru 08/14/2019

New Features

  • Add KVPs/ExtendedAttributes to sales order items with purchase order information after it is created. The new KVPs are PO_SupplierId, PO_Number, PO_Id, and PO_SupplierSKU
  • Workflow to "Update items with data from inventory feed." This will auto-populate cost, UPC, ManufacturerSKU, and description if it is not present. The values are also added as KVPs/ExtendedAttributes
  • Ability to fix SKU mismatch errors on the order details page
  • Orders and Inventory are only defaulted permissions when creating a user
  • Shipment Options: Ability to search Carrier, Service Level, Description, and Code
  • Add RemitToAddress.AddressCode to default address setup in portal
  • Prevent non-customer suppliers from importing orders in portal
  • Update Invoice Notification Email to include Remit To Address, SupplierSKU, Price, Quantity, Item Description, and Totals
  • Dropdown for sender and receiver for filters on the reports page
  • Added source key to document columns and filters on the order management page and the search page
  • Add the ability to require portal suppliers to use the retailer's shipping account or require manual entry. Controlled by KVPs/ExtendedAttributes sent on the order "RequireSenderShippingAccount" and "PreventSenderShippingAccount"
  • Bulk retry from the search page in the portal
  • Most recent alert at the top of the inventory page
  • Suppliers only see ship methods in the dropdown used by the merchant when creating a shipment
  • Dropdown for sender and receiver on the advanced export page
  • Exporting returns from the advanced export page
  • Support checkbox KVPs in the portal
  • Support exporting product feeds as EDI 832 files
  • Ability to retrieve exported product feeds using the API. Added endpoints /v1/Product/Exports and /v1/Product/Exports/{partnerId} for retrieving a list of exports sent to a merchant. Once the merchant retrieves a product feed through the API they must use the /v1/Product/Exports/{exportId}/MarkComplete endpoint to mark the export completed.
  • Allow users to subscribe to flat file error notifications when inbound files fail
  • Add product content approval process for retailers.
  • Ability to pull FBA orders from Amazon Seller Central



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