Setup and Configuration

In order to set up your BigCommerce integration, your store admin will need to create a BigCommerce API account and connect to Logicbroker using the following steps:

1. Log onto your BigCommerce store and go to Advanced SettingsAPI Accounts > Create API Account.


2. You will see a box containing your API Path. The base API path will look something like this: In this base path, the store hash is the 123456. You will need to provide us your store hash in a later step.

You can name your API account anything you want, but it must have the following minimum scopes: Modify Orders and Modify Products.


3. Click Save. A pop-up will appear which contains your API credentials. You will need to provide us the Client ID and the Access Token in a later step. On most browsers, a .txt file will automatically download to your computer and contain the same information, including the base API path that contains your store hash.



Once you close this pop-up, you will not be able to open it again. If you lose the credentials, you would have to create a new API account.

4. Next, log into the Logicbroker portal in either stage or production.


BigCommerce does not have a test environment. If you wish to test in a separate store, you can create a new trial store which will be valid for 15 days. In this case, you would provide us the API credentials for your test store in our stage portal and your production store in our production portal.

5. Go to the Connections page and under BigCommerce, enter the store hash, client id, and access token you generated earlier and click Save.



If you use the same BigCommerce store for stage and production, then once you have finished testing and are ready to move to production, you will need to remove your credentials from our stage environment and then add them to production. Otherwise, your orders will not be pulled correctly into the Logicbroker production portal.

6. Finally, if you have not already done so, you will need to contact Logicbroker support, so we can add the workflows needed to complete your BigCommerce integration.

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