This LINK cartridge enables Salesforce Commerce Cloud customers to integrate with Logicbroker’s platform through scheduled jobs and features the following capabilities:

  • Send orders directly to the Logicbroker system automatically
  • Pull shipments from Logicbroker into Commerce Cloud and automatically update tracking numbers
  • Pull acknowledgements from Logicbroker in the form of order notes
  • Import inventory quantity updates from Logicbroker and update in Commerce Cloud
  • Download a template for creating a matching file

Our cartridge is designed to work with any Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) or SiteGenesis instance, and does not alter the storefront in any way. 


Our cartridge solution can be downloaded directly from this article (link_logicbroker.zip), along with the Integration Guide. 



In order to use this cartridge, you must have a Logicbroker subscription. For more information on how to get one, please contact us.

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