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Logicbroker has set up our own App on Zapier that makes it easy to create integrations between their list of apps. This would allow you to create a connection using our App into your ERP connector (NetSuite, Shopify). If you are a portal user who would like to get documents to/from an accounting, ERP, or CRM system this does not require any developer skills.

Link to all Apps: Zapier Apps

Please contact Logicbroker for the link to our app directly

App Overview:

You will need to generate a Logicbroker API Key for each environment

How it works:

The app is comprised of triggers, actions and search functions. Here is what you are able to do

Triggers: These are generated by a webhook pushing new Logicbroker documents to Zapier. When you turn on the integration, Zapier will automatically setup a webhook using the POST /api/v1/Webhooks endpoint. When you turn off the integration it will DELETE from the webhook endpoint. The URL that subscribes is Zapier’s and it is generated automatically to subscribe to the webhook. Remember if you do setup an integration you will need to add the trigger webhook workflow in coat.

  1. New Order – Posts Order data to Zapier
  2. New Shipment – Posts Shipment data to Zapier
  3. New Invoice – Posts Invoice data to Zapier
  4. New Acknowledgement – Posts Ack Data to Zapier

Actions: These are used to create documents in Logicbroker from a source system (provided by zapier). When a new trigger is generated from another connected app, Zapier will POST to our standard document endpoints.

  1. Create Shipment
  2. Create Invoice
  3. Create Order
  4. Create Acknowledgement

Searches: These are used to find additional data that may not be on the original order. This can be something like looking up a SKU based on product description. You use these in a multi-step integration to get IDs like a product id, customer id, etc.

  • Find Partner:  We use this to get the CompanyID so it can be entered in the ReceiverCompanyId. The user can use CompanyName, Email, or Phone to search for the ID using our GET /Partners Endpoint.

Errors and Troubleshooting:

All errors and tasks processed can be tracked through their task manager. So if an order was passed from Logicbroker to a system you can see if and where it failed. This allows us to provide system integration for our lower tier clients, but with minimal additional support and monitoring. On their dashboard they can manage all their tasks and review all the data that was transmitted; even resend data that failed after they fixed a mapping.



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