Shopify for Retailers

To Connect to Logicbroker to your Shopify Store:

  • From portal, Settings -> Connections -> "Connect to a New System"
  • From the connections pop-up, search "Shopify"mceclip0.png
  • Select the Shopify Icon. You will then be presented with a dialogue for connecting to Shopify, asking for the following fields:
    • Shopify Store Name - This is the name of your store, found within your Shopify URL
    • LocationID - Id specific to the Shopify store location you are specifying


  • Click connect, then you will be brought to a login for your Shopify store. Login to create the connection with Logicbroker

You should see a success message in Logicbroker, as well as the new connection added in portal.



Congrats! You have now connected Logicbroker to your Shopify Store


If you would like to connect to your Shopify store manually, you can use the process below (deprecated)

Manual Setup

  1. In Shopify navigate to Apps -> Manage private apps:

  1. Create a new private app with these settings.

3. Save, then copy the API key and API password

4. In the Logicbroker portal for the environment you are configuring select the client company and go to Settings -> API Authentication.

5. Copy either the primary or secondary key. If there is no key press "Regenerate".

6. From here, Logicbroker will configure a scheduled job that will pull orders from your Shopify system, as well as a scheduled job that will push shipping information into your Shopify.  



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