Accept & Cancel Multiple Orders

Creating an acknowledgement (acceptance and/or cancellation) is how a vendor/supplier communicates that the order has been received and the items have been accepted (or not). This information is transmitted to the retailer so they know what to expect when the order is ready to ship. 

There are several ways to bulk acceptance and/or cancellations from the Portal. The following is the easiest way to bulk accept and/or cancel orders:

1.   Navigate to Orders --> Order Management


2.   Select the orders you wish to bulk accept and/or cancel by clicking the appropriate checkboxes, or selecting all orders on a page. Then click on Accept/Reject.

NOTE: You can adjust how many orders are visible on a page and you may also filter by status to only show orders in a "Ready to Ship" or "Ready to Acknowledge" status. 


3.   All acknowledgements default to acceptance. If you want to accept an order without any changes, all you have to do is click on Submit. If you want to accept part and cancel part, or cancel entirely, adjust the Quantity Cancelled and Quantity Accepted for each item. For any cancelled items, enter in a Cancellation Reason.

NOTE: Depending on the retailer, you may be required to enter in a specific cancellation code in the Cancellation Reason field. Additionally, some retailers may not allow partial acceptance or cancellation of an item and/or order. You will receive an error message if you attempt these actions and there is additional information required.

NOTE: We automatically populate the Acknowledgement Number field. If you need to submit a 2nd acknowledgement on an order (for example, you initially accepted all items but then need to cancel an item later), you will need to manually adjust this field to be a new, unique number since the auto-generated number has already been used.


4.   When submitted successfully, you will receive a confirmation message.


5.   If there is an error, you will receive an error message and be given the opportunity to fix the error (by using the Retry option).

NOTE: Some actions, such as backorders, scheduled ship dates, etc. can only be done from doing one acknowledgement at a time and cannot be completed via the bulk acceptance process.


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