Release Notes thru 01/31/2019

New Features

**User experience and style has changed across portal.**

  • Refresh-less and real-time page updates
    • Document status updates can be seen without refreshing your page.
  • New dashboard tile for compliance monitoring
    • Quick tile for non-compliant orders and documents.
  • Messages in Messaging Center auto update without refresh
  • Improved status filtering
    • Click on the Status label in your Order Management or document list and filter will be set for your documents. 
  • Single page multi-Cancellation, multi-Shipping, and Multi-Invoicing
  • Built-in portal EDI Viewer
    • Accessible on Order Detail page.
  • Enhanced test case views/management
    • Clearer instruction provided on test case pages.
  • Re-worked Advanced import page
    • Import wizard added
  • Graphs added on Reporting page
    • includes bar and pie charts with GMV  and document totals.
  • Dedicated Monitoring page
    • Moved from Notifications page
  • Scorecard metric additions
    • Added average time, totals and %shipped + %cancelled metrics
  • Customized walk-through and product tours
    • Tool tips will guide users to accomplish specific setup tasks
  • Packing slip link on new order notifications.
  • Service Level Description visible on Order Detail page.
  • Support for multiple accounts per carrier in ShipEngine.
  • Ability to consolidate multiple shipments based on Bill of Lading
  • Auto-Cancel Orders after a configured time.
  • Categories and validation in product feeds
    • Users can download a template containing only the required fields for a certain category.
    • Field descriptions contain descriptions of the rules for that field.
    • Rules are run in real time when editing products.
    • The product editing window displays a button when there is an invalid field, clicking the button will bring the user to the first invalid field.

Check out our blog and webinar announcing these changes for more info.


  • Fix invoice page to omit cancelled quantity on items
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