Release Notes thru 01/31/2019

New Features

**User experience and style has changed across portal.**

  • Refresh-less and real-time page updates
    • Document status updates can be seen without refreshing your page.
  • New dashboard tile for compliance monitoring
    • Quick tile for non-compliant orders and documents.
  • Messages in Messaging Center auto update without refresh
  • Improved status filtering
    • Click on the Status label in your Order Management or document list and filter will be set for your documents. 
  • Single page multi-Cancellation, multi-Shipping, and Multi-Invoicing
  • Built-in portal EDI Viewer
    • Accessible on Order Detail page.
  • Enhanced test case views/management
    • Clearer instruction provided on test case pages.
  • Re-worked Advanced import page
    • Import wizard added
  • Graphs added on Reporting page
    • includes bar and pie charts with GMV  and document totals.
  • Dedicated Monitoring page
    • Moved from Notifications page
  • Scorecard metric additions
    • Added average time, totals and %shipped + %cancelled metrics
  • Customized walk-through and product tours
    • Tool tips will guide users to accomplish specific setup tasks
  • Packing slip link on new order notifications.
  • Service Level Description visible on Order Detail page.
  • Support for multiple accounts per carrier in ShipEngine.
  • Ability to consolidate multiple shipments based on Bill of Lading
  • Auto-Cancel Orders after a configured time.
  • Categories and validation in product feeds
    • Users can download a template containing only the required fields for a certain category.
    • Field descriptions contain descriptions of the rules for that field.
    • Rules are run in real time when editing products.
    • The product editing window displays a button when there is an invalid field, clicking the button will bring the user to the first invalid field.


  • Fix invoice page to omit cancelled quantity on items
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