Becoming a Logicbroker Customer

By becoming a Logicbroker customer, we offer an array of benefits and premium features to help your integration and order management processes. To help you understand the differences we outlined some key benefits below:

More Channels

As a Logicbroker customer you will be enabled to connect to any of our pre-built system connectors or hundreds of partner channels. Using the same integration you connected with your retailer partner, you can connect to our full library of retailer channels (Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, Target, etc), marketplaces (Amazon Seller Central, Walmart Marketplace, eBay, etc), and systems (Shipstation, Magento, etc).

Customized Formats and Connections

Logicbroker offers a rapid integration process for any customized format or connection. You can provide us with any custom document format/specification (EDI, XML, JSON, CSV, etc) that is currently used in your system integrations and we can map into the Logicbroker platform with no effort from your side.

Our automated onboarding tools allow us create custom integrations for the most intricate formats without any development cycles. All setup is configurable on our platform allowing for full customization with rapid deployment.

We can connect to any endpoint, whether we host it or you. We also offer customized API endpoints where we can customize requests and responses to simulate and environment you are already using or familiar with. It is as simple as plugging us into your existing architecture. 

Custom Workflows and Automation Features

Not every supplier process information the same and we always offer a way to simplify your processes. On the Logicbroker platform we offer the ability to customize your data flows to fit your architecture. For example, you may have 2 systems that need to receive Order information in 2 different formats. We can trigger a workflow to process the same order as EDI to one system and XML to another. 

There are also cases where your channel may require acknowledgements, but your current system doesn't support sending them. In this case we can configure a workflow to auto-acknowledge any order received so you can remain compliant without adding additional resources to manage these manually.

All you have to do is provide us with your capabilities and we will recommend the best approach to getting you fully automated.

Business Rules and Validation

As we transmit data across your channels, we offer the ability to customize and validate any specific data you require. This can be validating a partner's vendor number, preventing partial shipments, or adding data that is missing on your documents. 

Adding an additional layer of validation across your integrations will help also by stopping bad data at the door. We want to make sure that all channels integrated on our platform receive compliant data and customizing the data requirements you need helps in making the integration process seamless. 

Enhanced Inventory Distribution

By becoming a Logicbroker customer, you will be given access to our advanced inventory setup. This allows you to distribute inventory per channel based on %, auto-setup of products, and broadcasting so you can use one feed for all your channels and auto-clearing inventory data.

We can also setup custom inventory templates, specifications for an array of different formats as well.

Dedicated Support

All Logicbroker customers receive a dedicated support team to help manage your goals. Software implementation engineers will help design and implement your integrations, as well as help monitor your activity to make sure everything is running smoothly.

In addition, for the largest scale implementations we provide full project management of your entire on-boarding process, helping you stay on target for all your goals.

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