Getting Started

The Logicbroker Magento 2 extension is built for retailers who are looking to connect their Magento store with the dropship automation capabilities offered by Logicbroker. 

The extension currently supports the following integrations:

  • Orders placed in the Magento store will automatically be sent out to the Logicbroker system, where they will then be distributed to 3PL, warehouse fulfillment, or dropship suppliers
  • Shipment information, including tracking information, will automatically pull into the Magento system
  • Inventory updates in the Logicbroker system will appear in the Magento interface
  • Comments will appear on an order in Magento when the supplier acknowledges it


In order to enable this extension in your Magento store, you must have a Logicbroker subscription. For more information on how to get one, please contact us.

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