ShipStation and Amazon - A dropship use case

Using Logicbroker you can utilize ShipStation for your shipping needs, automate your invoicing processes, and automate your Amazon inventory with one easy Integration.


Amazon will send an EDI Order into Logicbroker. Logicbroker then translates this EDI order into a format ShipStation will understand, passing along the customer's data in addition to your Amazon warehouse data.


From there you can ship your products as normal within ShipStation, utilizing any automation rules or custom configurations you may have set up within ShipStation.

Canceling a Line Item on an Order

To cancel an order you can send Amazon an EDI POAck from within a Logicbroker portal. It's as easy as just a couple of clicks.




Invoicing all depends on your business needs. We understand some customers just want the invoice to happen automatically every time a shipment is sent, while other customers want to utilize their existing invoicing software. Logicbroker supports both cases, though the latter will require additional configuration to get your existing invoicing software integrated with Logicbroker and amazon.


Talk to your Client Delivery Analyst for more information on automating your invoicing processes



Sending out inventory is easy with our automated processes. Once set up your inventory process will become a simple file upload. We will then send out inventory updates out according to your business needs. Using Logicbroker you can do things like keeping track of your SKUs vs the ASIN - automatically sending your SKU on the order as opposed to an ASIN.




What about my other trading partners? 

The beauty is, once you're integrated into Logicbroker with one trading partner, additional trading partners are as easy as reaching out to the retailer and establishing the one-time connection setup. Everyone else you've done like automating invoicing, inventory, and your ShipStation automation rules and shipping configurations will work for all your trading partners.



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