Purchase Order Routing by SKU

SKU Based Vendor Sourcing (Purchase Orders)

SKU based vendor sourcing is a function of *Logicbroker Workflows*. When sending purchase orders to Logicbroker to be sourced, you have the option for Logicbroker to source the orders based on the SKU tied to a specific supplier. Logicbroker will look at each item on the sales order and identify which suppliers carry the product. Once determined, we will create a purchase order that goes out to that specific supplier to have it fulfilled.

 Setup Process

  1. Confirm you want Logicbroker to do the sourcing
  2. Logicbroker will work with you on setting up a matching file for each of your suppliers and the SKUs that would be sourced to them
  3. Send Logicbroker a sales order to be sourced by SKU
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