Notifications and Monitoring

IMPORTANT: Notifications & Monitoring are specific to your Stage and Production accounts, so you will need to set up in both locations when the time comes.

Set Up Notifications

1. Navigate to Settings --> Notifications.


2. From the Notifications page you can select all the reports and notifications you want to be emailed to you (toggle to red).

  • When a user is set up, they will not be configured to receive notifications.
  • You can subscribe or unsubscribe from notifications by turning the switch to on (toggle to red) or off (toggle to grey).

3. Before leaving the page, you must click Save to update your notification settings.


Set Up Monitoring

We recommend that most users should set up a failed shipment monitoring alert. Additional monitoring alerts can also be set up (such as failed invoice, acknowledgement, etc.).

1. Navigate to Settings --> Monitoring.


2. From the Scheduled Report Configuration page, click on Add Report.


3. From the pop-up window:

  • Choose Inventory Update Report (Weekdays) from the Report drop-down
  • Click Save


  • Please note: Some monitoring reports may require you to select a document to apply the report to i.e., Document Aging Report. If this applies to the report you are trying to configure, the available documents will be available in the dropdown (shown below). 


4. The configuration now appears on the Scheduled Report Configuration Page. Other configurations can be added as needed.


5. Once the report is configured, users can run the report at any time by clicking the Run button. There are also options available under Notifications to schedule email delivery of certain reports. 

6. Upon reviewing the report, users will have the ability to either print or download the data as a CSV file.

By downloading the file, users are able to import the data into their internal reporting systems. 


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