Inventory Feeds


There is more information on how to set up inventory here: Setting up Inventory

Inventory Feeds

Using the Inventory Feeds function will allow you to upload your inventory directly into the Logicbroker Portal. To do this, follow the steps below:

1) Log in to the Portal and on the top left-hand side, navigate to the Products tab and click on it to expand. Once you have expanded the drop-down, click on Inventory Feeds:


2) Once you click on Inventory Feeds you will be re-directed to the following page:


3) Once on the above page, you can download the Standard Feed to use as the template for the upload. Unless requested by your trading partner, the only mandatory fields that need to be filled out on the file are SupplierSKU and Quantity: 


4) After you have entered your inventory information into the template, save it to your desktop or a folder where you will be able to find it, then in the LB Portal, on the inventory feeds page, navigate to the box on the middle left that says “Upload Files”. From here, you can either drop your file into the box, or click in the box to browse and upload:


5) Once the file is uploaded you will be able to see if it was successfully imported under the Events Section: 


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