Step 1: Submit Survey

Understanding Your Integration

Before setting up your integration, we first need to collect some information about your capabilities to begin a project plan for integrating you into the Logicbroker platform. These include general questions on how you plan to setup your integration, what documents you support, and what channels you will be integrating with. Click the link below to begin the survey.


If you need help going through the survey, our on-boarding team will help! Contact your dedicated Logicbroker client delivery analyst or contact support to help walk you through.

New Retailer Integration

Integrating into the Logicbroker Platform can be a new and exciting time for your company.  Our on-boarding team will work with you to gather all requirements for the integration and verify all the correct technical contacts.

All communication and tasks involved in setting up the integration will be defined in our project management system. Access will be provided to the project to allow for collaboration for all team members.

From there, our implementation team will work with your technical teams on testing and validating the full integration with our Platform.

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